Forestech Equipment, Inc.

795 Big Bell Loop, Eads, TN 38028 (901) 833-0693

Jobs Completed

  1. Gaylord Container
    Bogalusa, LA
    –   Two (2) Hydraulic Tractor/Trailer Dumper Systems with a common Belt Conveyor.
    –   Two (2) Primary Chip Thickness Screening Systems.
  2. Stone-Smurfit
    Hodge, LA
    –  Two (2) Hydraulic Tractor/Trailer Dumper Systems and Belt Conveyor System Modifications.
  3. Bowater Corporation
    Jonesville, SC
    –  Automated Railcar Moving System.
  4. Smith Garden Products
    Cumming, GA
    –  Hydraulic Tractor / Trailer Dumper System.
  5. Holly Hill Lumber Company 
    Holly Hill, SC
    –  Plant Modernization and Expansion.
  6. U.S. Plywood Corporation
    Oxford, MS
    –  Plant Modernization and Expansion
  7. L-P Wood Polymers
    Selma, AL
    –  Hydraulic Tractor / Trailer Dumper System.
    –  Lumber Milling System.
    –  Dust Control System.
  8. Tamko Roofing Products
    Joplin, MO
    –  Hydraulic Tractor/Trailer Dumper System.
    –  High Pressure Pneumatic Conveying System.
    –  Dust Control System.
    –  Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Project Management.
  9. Epoch Composite Products
    Lamar, MO
    –  Truck/Trailer Receiving Hopper with integral Dust Control.
  10. Bowater, Inc.
    Catawba, South Carolina
    –  Hydraulic Tractor / Trailer dumper system supplied with a new wood chip screening system and transfer belt conveyors.
  11. Niagra Generation, LLC.
    Niagra Fall, New York
    –  Drive-thru Tractor / Trailer dumper system, and two (2) drag chain reclaim.
    –  Conveyors for a biomass power plant.
  12. Tamko Roofing Products, Inc.
    Phillipsburg, KS
    –  45’ Truck Dumper and Receiving Hopper with integral dust collection.
    –  High pressure pneumatic conveying system.
  13. Cersosimo Lumber Co.
    Brattleboro, VT
    –  45’ semi-portable truck dumper.
  14. Hamer Pellet Fuel, Inc.
    Elkins, WV
    –  45’ truck dumper and receiving hopper with integral dust collection.
    –  High pressure pneumatic conveying system.

 Note: Project Details Furnished Upon Request.